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Whether you are creating an email for members, clients or prospects, ebull can help you strengthen this relationship. We will design a template to meet your specific email requirements and give you access to the ebull tool and your template via a secure login. Then you can easily and instantly customise your emails and broadcast them.

ebull templates include editable areas you can select and change, such as contact details, logo and main body of the message.

Create and send instantly

ebull gives you the power to effectively promote your business while keeping your brand consistency.

By bringing the campaign process online, new campaigns can be put into effect within minutes rather than months. This allows you to respond quickly to market changes and competitor activity, while providing real value to your business.

How does it work?

How does it work?

You can log in to ebull 24/7 from any PC with internet access. ebull tools enable you to create and design email templates, strengthen relationships with readers, manage databases and track results.

Creating the email

Creating the email

We will design an email template branded according to your company guidelines. This ebull template will have flexibility built in – so you can easily edit and tailor it to meet your specific campaign requirements.

Database Management

Database Management

ebull gives you the flexibility to import databases, individual addresses and update contacts when necessary. ebull automatically updates un-subscribes, de-duping and bounce backs.

Analyse your campaign

Analyse your campaign

It’s important to understand what happens to your email once it has left the outbox. ebull shows you campaign statistics from overall to individual details, including opens, click throughs, email forwards, delivery and much more. ebull ensures you have the maximum number of emails delivered through firewalls and spam filters, in the correct format. At the centre of your marketing activities is the ability to measure your ROI and ebull has the tools to achieve this.

Ten reasons for email marketing

  1. It’s inexpensive – email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than direct mail and costs less than a penny per email.
  2. It’s effective – email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with existing customers and prospects.
  3. It’s immediate – you can create and send an email within a matter of hours.
  4. It’s measurable – results are recorded in terms of opens, click throughs, forwards and much more.
  5. It’s easy – the template is built, so all you need to do is add the content and press send.
  6. Opt-in or unsubscribe options – helps to shortlist prospects and those genuinely interested in your offering.
  7. It’s interactive – you can use video, music, games or quizzes to grab attention immediately.
  8. It’s green – email marketing is paper-free.
  9. Faster response – average email response time is 1–3 days, with maximum response on day 1. Minimum response time for direct mail is 7–12 days.
  10. It’s global – you can easily reach your target audience no matter where they are.

Analyse your campaign

Analysing your campaign’s performance is key in order to ensure the effectiveness of future campaigns. ebull’s reporting tool gives you in-depth knowledge about your readers, so that you can build stronger customer relationships.

  • "Bull look after our marketing, they are a great support for us. We have access to their entire team under one monthly retainer, which is great value for money! They are creative, responsive and innovative with their approach to campaign ideas, social media and our website. Keep it up Bull Marketing!"

    Managing Director
    Reliance High-Tech

  • "Bull Marketing are the ideal agency to partner with. Being specialists in the technology sector they understand our business objectives and target markets. They are dynamic and flexible together with the ‘get things done’ attitude. Brilliant at working to tight deadlines and very creative in their approach. Nothing is too much trouble and they add real value to our EMEA business."

    Director of Demand Generation & Field Marketing EMEA

  • "Bull Marketing worked on our website redesign project and they were fantastic to work with. The attention to detail and hours and hours of hard work was truly outstanding and a credit to the team at Bull Marketing."

    Digital Marketing Lead
    MTI Technology

  • "Bull Marketing are our marketing department, a valuable extension to our growing team. They have helped develop our brand and continue to deploy impressive marketing tactics to help bring a disruptive new technology to market."

    Evolving Networks

  • "I have worked with the Team at Bull Marketing for over 10 years and during this time we have developed a great partnership. Their speed, attention to detail and amazing ability to translate my slightly off tangent briefs into original campaigns make my job so much easier."

    UKI Partner & Alliances Marketing Manager
    Trend Micro

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  • Check Point
  • Cognizant
  • Colt
  • Cylance
  • Evolving Networks
  • intY
  • IPI
  • Logicalis
  • MTI
  • Reliance High-Tech
  • Reliance Protect
  • Ring Central
  • SBL
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